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Can I get a quote for my items over the phone or via email?

With a few exceptions, we are unable to provide quotes over the phone or via email. We need to physically see your items in order to assess them and offer an accurate quote. When we evaluate your items, we use X-Ray fluorescence technology to calculate the exact purity of your items. Simply knowing that an item is 14K gold isn’t enough. Items marked 14K gold can range from 53% pure to 58.5% pure. Our X-Ray fluorescence technology is the most accurate way to determine what your items are worth.

We may also offer more money for fine jewelry that can be resold; we need to see your items to see if they might be worth more than scrap prices.

The only items we may provide preliminary estimates for via phone or email are: 

  • Diamonds that are accompanied by an appraisal or certificate. Our estimate is based on your documentation and a photo of your item. This estimate is non-binding pending our assessments of the item(s) in person.
  • Gold and silver bullion such as Krugerands, Maple Leafs, American Eagles, coin silver, and bars, which are commodities.