Holloware is the term used to describe kitchen and serving ware constructed from silver, sterling silver, or silver-plated copper. Tea sets, sugar bowls, creamers, coffee pots, and platters are just a few of the holloware pieces we buy based on purity, condition, and current market value. 

When you bring your holloware to JewelRecycle for assessment, our expert staff will use our nondestructive X-Ray fluorescence technology to determine your item’s exact composition and purity. We buy holloware pieces whether they are silver, sterling silver, or even silver-plated. Silver and sterling silver holloware items are worth more money due to the higher silver content. Our offers on these items are based on the current price of silver. 

Please note that the value of silver-plated items is much lower. Silver-plated holloware items contain only a very thin layer of silver over a base metal, such as copper. In fact, most silver-plated items are over 99% copper by weight. We pay about a dollar a pound for your silver-plated items, with a $10 total minimum transaction (this minimum can be in combination with other items).

You don’t need to worry about polishing the items beforehand; we even purchase tarnished pieces. We do ask that you dust off items that have accumulated dust and dirt.

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