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Do you buy diamonds and gemstones?

We purchase diamonds of all shapes, sizes, and qualities. We purchase diamonds that are both loose and mounted. We always pay a premium for any jewelry containing diamonds, including engagement rings.

We do not purchase other gemstones unless they are part of a piece of jewelry that can be resold. In some cases, we may be able to remove gemstones from your jewelry and give them back to you if we are not able to pay a premium for them.

If you still have any original packaging or paperwork related to your diamonds, please bring it in with you. This aids in our assessment of your item and may increase the value of our offer. In the case of diamonds and diamond jewelry that are appraised or certified, we can often provide an estimate in advance of your visit. Simply email us your paperwork along with a photo of your item, and we will send you an estimate subject to an in-person validation of your items.