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Why People Sell Their Jewelry and Other Unwanted Items to JewelRecycle

Every day there are people wondering how to sell their unwanted jewelry, diamond engagement rings, fine watches, sterling flatware, and other items. At JewelRecycle, we know from experience that these customers interactions are far from simple transactions. That’s because all of our possessions have a story. And that includes the items we no longer want or need.

We get it: There’s a reason you’re considering selling that diamond ring or sterling teapot. Whether you are grieving the death of a loved one or simply decluttering, the story behind your decision to sell your item matters.

In fact, we’ve found that there are four primary reasons why our customers sell their items. We call them the “Four D’s.”

The Four D’s: Downsizing, Divorce, Death, and Decluttering

Everyone’s story is unique. But when it comes to selling precious metals, jewelry, fine watches, coins, and silver, there are a few common causes. The “Four D’s” — downsizing, divorce, death, and decluttering — account for the majority of our customers when it comes to explaining why they are seeking to sell their items.


When it comes to homes, most people assume that bigger is better. But depending on your preferences and stage of life, you might be more interested in downsizing. It could be that your children have moved out. Or that you’re tired of taking care of a such a large home. Perhaps you’ve simply come to prefer small-house or retirement living.

Regardless, downsizing means it’s time to pare down your possessions. In fact, if you are in the process of downsizing, you may be seriously scaling back your personal belongings for the first time in your adult life. That’s no small task!

The good news is that downsizing gives you the opportunity to reassess which items still matter to you — and which you wouldn’t mind parting with. That old brooch collecting dust in a jewelry box? You haven’t worn it in ten years. Your Aunt Mary’s heirloom sterling flatware and tea set? Beautiful, but you no longer in use, and the kids don’t want it.

In order for your life to run smoothly in your new, smaller accommodations, it’s time to sort, donate, and sell what you can. Downsizing is the perfect time to make some extra money from the fine jewelry, watches, flatware, coins, and other precious metal items you no longer want or need.


Divorces represents a major life transition — one that no one expects or hopes to go through. It can be a time of intense disappointment, sadness, and change. If your relationship has recently come to an end, you may be taking stock of the items in your home as well as your life. Many divorcees consider selling their diamond engagement rings, for example.

Our kind and caring staff is ready to help if you are going through a divorce or break-up and would like to sell your ex-jewelry and other “bad juju” items.


The death of a loved one represents a challenging season of loss and grief. And if you’ve recently lost a, parent, grandparent or other close relative, you may be tasked with going through their belongings and figuring out what to do with them. Conversely, you may have inherited certain belongings from a parent, grandparent, or even a more distant relative.

Either way, this means that you must carefully consider which items contain enough sentimental value to keep forever — and which should be donated or sold. While going through a loved one’s personal belongings or inherited items can be difficult, this process can, in the end, be part of the healing journey.

If you are considering selling inherited jewelry, diamonds, silver flatware, coins, or other precious metal items, our staff is ready to help.


With the rise of Marie Kondo’s book (The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up) and Netflix show, more young people than ever are interested in decluttering and tidying. If you’re one of the people taken by Marie Kondo’s advice, you may be making a concerted effort to reduce clutter in your home and embrace minimalism. Your efforts may be driven by the desire to experience the joy and simplicity of owning fewer belongings.

If you are in the process of following the KonMari method or generally decluttering and organizing your home, then it’s time to decide what to do with the items that no longer spark joy or serve you well. That may include fine jewelry that looks outdated, silver flatware that never gets used, or even an old coin collection. Now is the perfect time to realize some value from these items and add to your bank account while you subtract from your personal belongings.

If it no longer sparks joy, JewelRecycle is here to listen and serve you.